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January 22, 2008, 5:30 pm
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Cell coverage to improve on Turnpike with tower construction
Who knows which carriers will be able to use these towers. Given the recent CellularOne buyout by AT&T and their big push to fill in gaps between the networks, I’m guessing AT&T coverage will improve in that area. Then again, I’m not sure how these publically funded towers work and how access to that space is licensed.
5 1/2 percent raise too small to lift teachers from 48th, WVEA says
I agree. If you want current West Virginia teachers to stay here and attract new ones, you have to offer some sort of incentive. Last year, teachers received an $813/year pay increase up to a whopping $25,832. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the mean income for all occupations in this state is $31,440. (this might be skewed given the amount of high income earners in the state). I understand that this state isn’t wealthy, but teachers are making almost $6000 less than the state mean. I place education high on the totem pole and if there is any place that inflated income is allowable, it’s in education. Cut corners elsewhere, not in education.


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