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darn dog.
January 29, 2008, 9:27 pm
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This little spawn of Satan is shedding everywhere. Need to sweep about daily to keep up with it. Maybe I should take him to a barber…

Well this stinks. I was very much looking forward to that nasty Holiday Inn being gutted and renovated into something nicer. As much of a fixture it is in Charleston and as ‘neat’ as it is, it doesn’t really fit with the rest of the architecture around it. It would fit better in a nautical town somewhere in Florida. At least thats my opinion.

This guy has to be the stupidest criminal I’ve ever had the pleasure about which to read. Darwin Award award anyone?

Apparently, Jesus reads WSAZ and posts comments to their ‘Breaking News’ about last weeks “weather condition”.

Posted by: jesus read revelations… “and the seventh seal will release upon them a mysterious blue mist of unimaginable death. woe are they that face this day.”

oh, it gets better…. including masters of the English language

Posted by: Luann My dogs a barking. Something is wrong big. She don’t never bark.

it also seems the Ron Paul Spammers have taken this opportunity spew their nonsense.

Posted by: Rev. Keith Sunday Yet again another sign from the Almighty. Non beleivers will experience a burning of their eyes in this haze, while those of us that are his true flock see through the fog of deception that our goverment clouding our judgement with. Vote for Ron Paul in 2008. A vote for Ron Paul is a vote for Jesus.

oh the humanity.


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Awwwwwwwww!!!! Cute doggy. My dog was hit by a car in November (on my birthday!) so I’m missing having a doggyfriend around. Give Spawn of Satan a little headscratch for me.

Those commenters to WSAZ are hilarious! So’s the parking meter guy. People are fun, right?

Comment by Becky

Righto… so this is really unrelated but…

You said you can download something at wordpress and run a blog from a non-wordpress site, right? How do you do that? And will it keep the blog completely separate from wordpress or other websites that would allow someone to wander off the site and into something that could be offensive (like the rest of the world?)

I’m thinking about doing something like that for my classroom blog, but it has to be airtight — no shiny buttons or anything anyone could click on to go out into the (*gasp!*) Internet or my boss will never go for it.

Also it has to be kind of easy to do. I’m slightly geekariffic, but I’m definitely not going to program stuff on servers and all that… I don’t even have access to the school server, really… I have to give it to the computer guy so he can set it up.

If not, I think I’m gonna just build a site and update it with a HTML editor, but that stinks because I want to be able to archive it.


Comment by ijustworkhere

Heh… that was me (Becky.) I didn’t realize I was signed in in WordPress. Duh.

Comment by ijustworkhere

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