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February 18, 2008, 10:30 pm
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R.E.M. – What’s the Frequency Kenneth?

NYC was fanastic. I got to see some more of the low key tourist attractions and meet some wonderful people; including being told by a bum that he hates white people in the middle of Central Park. My response was to nervously laugh and sort of slowly slink away from his screaming. Perhaps one of the more interesting event of the trip was the plane ride back wherein a severely overweight German man (who spoke very little English) had a heart attack at 40,000 feet. Yea, this after being upgraded to first class because he could not fit in a coach seat.

This makes me happy, but I wonder what it will really become of it. I’m very skeptic of those in power to truly deliver broadband to un/under-served areas. It’s especially frustrating because the FCC is rather lax in the criteria used to determine broadband deployment. It only takes ONE ‘broadband’ subscriber in a given ZIP code to allow companies to prove they are serving broadband to that area. The deployment numbers are extremey skewed, especially in rural areas of West Virginia where a business might purchase a T1 (which is upwards of $500/month), yet residents of that same ZIP code can’t get DSL or Cable service. ugh. My solution: WiMAX!


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