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February 25, 2008, 7:37 pm
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All for the mighty Verizon…

In other business, council approved a lease with Verizon Wireless for space to establish a cell tower.

Mullens said the lease would bring income to the city and improve cellular service for local Verizon customers.

The tower will enhance Verizon customers’ coverage, preventing dead zones and dropped calls.

The $8,400-a-year lease is proposed for a five-year term in exchange for a parcel of land in Little Creek Park containing 10,000 square feet. After the first five-year term, Verizon would be able to sign another lease.

The location was chosen since being the highest elevation on city property.

Mullens said the tower will be as discrete as possible and would not be an eyesore.

from the DailyMail

I understand that land position relative to highways can truly dictate it’s worth when leasing it for cell phone tower use, but come on. My grandmother rents out land to Sprint in rural Maryland for 3 times that amount.  I have to wonder how much that land could have really commanded since Verizon is trying HARD to build out their essentially non-existent wireless network here.

The best thing Verizon Wireless entering the market here in Charleston is that it will kick AT&T’s butt in data speeds…that is until AT&T releases 3G data/voice. Latest word is end of June.


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AT&T will be releasing it’s 3G just in time for apple to announce the new 3g iphone in june when the 2.0 upgrade with apps comes out. i’ll probably just shit myself.

Comment by Sam

Richmond already has 3G. If your iphone was 3G, you’d be all up in it. I’m anxiously awaiting the 3G version of the iPhone before I purchase one. While the data speeds will be nice, the best thing about 3G is the voice quality. mmm W-CDMA.

Comment by Dave

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