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March 21, 2008, 8:18 pm
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I’m voting for Obama. Most people that know me know that I’m nuts about this guy…often to the point where it seriously annoys some of my friends. I’m just very excited about the possibility of this man becoming president. Especially when he comes to Beckley, West Virginia and says this:

For instance, when Nelson Staples of Beckley asked him how he planned to lower the cost of gasoline in the United States, Obama responded with an answer that included investing in alternative fuel research, investing in refinery capacities, having a more sensible policy in the Middle East, strengthening the value of the dollar by improving the economy, charging polluters and creating more fuel-efficient vehicles in the United States.

“But the hard truth is, the only way to, in the long term, reduce gas prices is to reduce demand,” Obama said.
“ … So, in the meantime, what kind of car do you drive?” he asked Staples.
The laughter from those sitting around the Beckley resident gave him away even before he answered: “An Escalade.”

Obama shrugged his shoulders and widened his eyes.
“I’m sorry,” Obama said, “but this is what I’m talking about right here.”
from the Register-Herald

Oh. My. God. Elect this man immediately.


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