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Verizon Neglects Copper In Favor Of Fiber
April 4, 2008, 7:25 am
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check it. DUH!

Here’s the deal. FiOS is a fiber-based network capable of pushing an ungodly amount of data, voice and television. Verizon is pushing an incredible amount of money into Fiber to the Premises; basically fiber to your door. They run a trunk to your neighborhood/block then to YOUR home as folks request the upgrade. On the date of your install, they completely rip out the copper lines from the street that lead into your home. This does two things:

1) Provides a clean path for the fiber into your home/business.

2) Ensures that competitors (Fibernet, Cavalier, AT&T) can no longer use those lines to provide DSL.

Former legislation forced Verizon to open up their copper lines to competitors (A reasonable request since the US Gov pretty much subsidized the rollout of copper decades ago).  By ripping out these copper lines, they basically become like the cable company; a monopoly.  Yes, I realize the amount of money they’re pumping into Fiber and I applaud them for being the first large company to actually install fiber on a massive level. Yet, I can’t help but think this is a bad idea for consumers.

Their rollout plans seem to echo their neglect of copper lines.  While they pour FiOS into rich neighborhoods, they not only abandon their copper customers, they dont’ even upgrade them to FiOS because the ROI is too low. Again, this is to be expected.

Now, I wonder if Charleston will ever get FiOS. The rumors that I keep hearing are that Verizon is going to sell it’s WV network now that they’ve upgraded their network here. I am curious how Verizon Wireless’s recent entry into this state will affect their decision. It doesnt make sense to lease all of those cell tower trunk lines when they can just own them… although Verizon Wireless is an entirely different company, I’m not sure how that works.

I shouldn’t complain. I live in Charleston with a 12mbps/768kbps connection through Suddenlink. That is WELL above the national average. While FiOS would be nice, 50mbps sounds lovely, I’d rather Verizon pump more money into the rural areas of the state to get DSL and possibly work on some of the distance limitations in the technology.