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talkin’ bout a revolution
May 4, 2008, 10:50 pm
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Tracy Chapman – Talkin’ Bout a Revolution

I spent the good part of Saturday morning canvassing for Obama in the East End. As the threat of a thunderstorm loomed overhead with high wind and heavy rain, I could not help but draw comparisons to the  upcoming November election. The above song played on loop in my head the entire time up and down Quarrier & Virginia St. It’s a song I’ve often played when I’ve felt downtrodden by the entire political climate in all of my adult years, when I’ve felt left out of the process or that those in power have done little to make good on their claims to actually make things better, or marginalize any group of Americans for the purpose of voter numbers.  I’ve become so sick of negative campaigns, apathetic attitudes about election outcomes and other’s acceptance of the direction we’re heading. For once I feel rejuvenated. That we could get lucky. I can’t even put into words how hopeful I am of what could happen in November. I was speechless when my father, a 61 year old lifelong republican, a postman  / soybean/corn/tobacco farmer in Maryland, abandoned a party he felt had “left him behind in favor of corporate farmer subsidies”, tell me that he’s voting for Obama.

I try not to post negative topics, there are enough outlets for that sort of writing. However, I feel that every West Virginian, hell American, should listen to this broadcast of West Virginia Public Radio wherein folks in Man, WV were interviewed about the upcoming Democratic primary. I could only listen to it once after which I seriously was sick to my stomach.  I have no idea how to address these ideas and I seriously hope these folks come around. However, I beg of WVPB talk to folks in more urbanized areas of this state to at least show that not everyone in WV feels this way about women or black people.


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I heard that broadcast and was seriously sick to my stomach, too. I live way out in the Styx, but people aren’t nearly as bad where I live as in this interview!!! I really hope they went and found a few rare Neanderthals living in caves somewhere and that this isn’t the general concensus.

Comment by Becky

lawfully says : I absolutely agree with this !

Comment by lawfully

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