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Thanks Dick.
June 2, 2008, 10:36 pm
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I’m guessing that most WV bloggers have heard about Dick Cheney’s comment about West Virginia

Preaching to the choir, yes, but what an awful comment. I’m trying very hard to not stoop to his level because doing so would only validate his comment. Is anyone really surprised that this man would make such an insenstive joke? I’m not.

You know what’s interesting? Anyone I’ve ever spoken with who lives in state more than 500 miles away, doesn’t even realize we’re ‘known’ for this. When I was in San Francisco last August and mentioned that I was from West Virginia, their immediate response was, “Oh cool, I hear they have great white-water rafting there”.

To put an ‘Optimist’ spin on it: At least he’ll be gone in January.


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Yeah, I spent last summer and fall in Montana with 90 people form all over the country and they were asking me questions about WV and I was like well surely you’ve heard that we “insert stereotype here”. Most of them hadn’t heard those things,and as you pointed out, only noted positive things.
I’ve traveled to many places in this country and I’ve learned that there are hillbillies and stereotypes everywhere you go.

Comment by Mandy

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