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Many Overseas Excited About Obama
June 4, 2008, 10:53 pm
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source: Overseas, Excitement Over Obama – Washington Post
This Democratic primary has been absolutely historical. No matter what the outcome was to be, either way a woman or a black man will have been the nominee for President. Beyond words. Finally.
Hillary put up a strong fight and worked furiously to bring voters to her fold, 18 million in fact. A fact that should not be taken lightly. Clinton supporters feel just as strongly about her as I do about Obama. The goal here now is to find a way to come together and win this batte in November.

It appears that I’m not th only one who is excited about this.

“The primaries showed that the U.S. is actually the nation we had believed it to be, a place that is open-minded enough to have a woman or an African American as its president,” said Minoru Morita, a Tokyo political analyst.

Sam Onyango, a water vendor in Kisumu, said that “Obama’s victory means I might one day get to America and share the dreams I have always heard about. He will open doors for us there in the spirit of African brotherhood.”

“Barack Obama looks like the candidate that can be expected to take the greatest strides towards Russia,” Konstantin Kosachev, a member of parliament, wrote in the newspaper Kommersant. “Unlike McCain he’s not infected with any Cold War phobias.”

Let’s do this!


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I think Obama is pretty cool. I am crossing my fingers for this election… we can’t afford to screw up this country any more.

Hey, I didn’t get your twitter message. Twitter has really NOT been working so well. I’ve lost a bunch of DMs and am not getting notifications. Annoying. But you can email me — mamallama at gmail,

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