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Charleston, WV is now 3G!
June 27, 2008, 9:38 pm
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After about a year of bugging every AT&T rep that I ever met about 3G, Charleston WV FINALLY has 3G service. Not only does 3G(HSUPA/UMTS) provide Internet connection speeds on par with DSL, it also impements WCDMA for voice calling. In my experience, WCDMA provides MUCH better voice quality over GSM connections.

I have no idea how widespread this 3G rollout is in the area. Usually, AT&T only takes care of the major metropolitan areas. So be aware that you’re going to bump back down to GSM/EDGE once you leave the 3G coverage area. I plan on scoping out the coverage zones at least until AT&T updates their 3G coverage maps.

I do have bad news for all of you Blackberry or iPhone1.0 users, Until you upgrade to this or this, the Blackberry Bold, you’re still going to be relegated to the GSM/EDGE network. Contrary to what some AT&T reps have told some people, Blackberry Curves and Pearls are NOT 3G capable. Sorry.

Also: the rumor I heard was that Huntington and Morgantown were to go live tonight with 3G as well, but I cant’ verify with anyone there that it actually happened. Anyone?


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I have been waiting for 3G for so long in this area, I am happy now!

Comment by Matthew

I have 3G at my home – near Kenna, WV. FINALLY.

Comment by Fred

3G service in Huntington popped up approximately a week ago.

Comment by Rob

confirmation on 3G in Huntington, WV. So far coverage area is at least as far as Proctorville, Ohio, and Barboursville, WV (Huntington Mall area) and obviously downtown. ROCK!

Comment by Nick

You’re welcome…. 🙂

Comment by An WV AT&T RF Engineer

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