The West Virginia Optimist

January 23, 2008, 12:55 pm
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A Better West Virginia, an excellent WV resource, poses an interesting question.

I vote for Forward-Thinking. Moving here from Virginia, I was ready for a change. I had visited Charleston over the course of three years and had fallen in love. The people I met, Capitol St, the cocoon-like hills surrounding the city; these are ideas/places I wanted to be a part of; i felt it had so much potential. Richmond had left a bad taste in my mouth and this mountain retreat seemed like a welcome change. So after 18 months of living here, I still love it. Sure, we have shortcomings, but things are changing and it’s very excited to think about Charleston in ten years.

It saddens me that so many residents of this state have such a poor outlook. Given the history of the state, I can understand why some might become negative, distrustful, unwilling to take risks, etc. However, I feel that Jason Keeling said it best here:

Indeed, much of our history is blemished with injustice, but unless we take it upon ourselves to improve conditions and stop blaming everyone else, we’ll always be perceived as “hicks.”